Monday, 3 February 2014


Frostbite usually occurs in extreme cold conditions like high altitudes, snowy areas where temperatures reach sub zero. Distal extremities (foot) and exposed skin are most often affected. It occurs due to formation of ice crystals within or between the tissues leading to freezing and then death of tissues.

Symptoms and Signs:

Frostbite in Hand
Frostbite in Hand
The affected area is hard, numb, cold and white. When warmed the area becomes blotchy red, swollen and painful (as seen in the pic). Within 4-6 hrs blister formation starts. Blisters with clear fluid indicate superficial injury while those with blood indicate deep injury. Gangrene may also develop. Wet gangrene which is soft, gray and edematous, suggests infection while dry gangrene is less likely to be infected. All degrees of frostbite may cause long term neuropathic symptoms.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Coca Cola may Cure Stomach Blockage-- Reasearchers Say

Coca cola new imageMany of us know the harmful effects of the coca cola e.g. they can cause the teeth to rot etc and few benefits like it can remove grease stains from cloths and can also clean your car engine but they are also beneficial in case of stomach blockages like from phytobezoars. phytobezoars are undigested food particles like cellulose, lignin and other fibers, for which we do not have enzymes in our body. Fruits, celery, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin ets are good source of it. These usually do not accumulate in people with normal gastric function. In people with gastric paresis and gastric surgeries the normal bowel function is not present. In that case these undigested food particles, fibers rather, get en-strangled and form a ball of fibers which block the stomach or intestine.

The management here is giving cellulase and some other enzymes which can digest these dietary fibers. If these do not work then endoscopy is done and we try to break these bezoars.

Now scientists have found that coca cola could be a very good alternative measure for treating trichobezoar. There have been research for ten years in around 46 patients in Athens University of Greece. Out of those 46 patients on coca cola therapy 19 needed extra medical treatment and four need surgical treatment. Rest were fine on the beverage.

Mechanism of action of coca cola could be due to the sodium bicarbonate present in the drink that has fiber loosening affect on the phytobezoar and also the acidity of coca cola digests the fibers.

So in conclusion coca cola decreased the need of endoscopic procedures and is also very readily available in the market and is very cost effective treatment of gastric blockage.


Thursday, 3 January 2013


Karahi Mushroom
Kadai Mushroom
Hi there, this is not a usual post which i usually write about, but since I liked it I thought that I should share with you guys. I got this recipe from youtube from the channel Sanjeevkapoorkhanakhazana. Cooked it and found it awesome. I hope you would enjoy it too. Ok here we go...


1. Around 1 cm ginger

2. 7-10 flakes of garlic

3. Two green chilis

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


On a video uploaded by Dr Vikram Singh Yadav, I saw many people asking that what is the difference between abscess and sebaceous cyst. So I thought that I would create this post to explain you the difference between them. Ill come directly to the point here.

Abscess Difference
An abscess is cavity filled with pus. It occurs due to an unresolvable infection or inflammation which body, macrophages to be specific, cant kill or cant get rid off. So to prevent the spreading of the infection or inflammation our body tries to wall off the inflammation. This creates a cavity which is full of neutrophills and necrotic derbies. These present as painfull red warm swellings over various areas of body or at the injury site. An abscess could accompany with fever, lethargy and other constitutional symptoms.

Treatment of abscess is incision and drainage, betadine packing, noninflammatory drugs and antibiotics.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Cracked Lips

Chapped, Cracked Lips what to do
Chapped or cracked lips are a major issue in winters. It causes pain, bleeding and the dryness also causes rough lips which usually doesn't look good. So it becomes not only medical as in risk of increased infections though the cracks in the lips, but also cosmetic problem for many guys and girls. It can be prevented by using few basic and easy methods described below. So what is cause of these cracked or chapped lips.

It is usually due to dry air in winters which causes water to evaporate from not only the lips but also the whole body. This results in cracks